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FanChants Bulgaria FC Index Of Football Chants

Bulgaria FanChants FC Index of the top football chants. Our unique formula for listing the top soccer songs as and when they come out.

3371 Levski Sofia Bulgaria We Are Levski Sofia Wow. Great sound from Levski Sofia fans. Brilliant. Playlist
3592 Levski Sofia Bulgaria Beat Chorbata On Their Heads! Chorbata = CSKA supporters Playlist
4775 CSKA Sofia Bulgaria Cska Chant #2 A chant dedicated to Levski Sofia. Playlist
5093 Levski Sofia Bulgaria Sektor B: to Sing Together Song Да запеем дружно песента за отбора в нашите сърца... Playlist
5437 Levski Sofia Bulgaria Sektor B: Pigs Blowjob Sektor B: Svine Minet Playlist
5706 Levski Sofia Bulgaria Square San Babila and Eiffel Tower Can you help us with the Bulgarian lyrics? Playlist
5817 CSKA Sofia Bulgaria Go, Go, Go Reds! One of the best. CSKA in full voice. Playlist
6449 Levski Sofia Bulgaria All Meat-Loaf in Turkey This chant sound awesome - we're not sure what the emat loaf lyrics are all about though? If you are can you comment and tell us - very intrigued! Playlist
6464 CSKA Sofia Bulgaria We Are Red, We Are Proud Classic crowd chant Playlist
6500 Levski Sofia Bulgaria Levski Means Freedom! And before, and now, Levski means freedom! Playlist
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6563 CSKA Sofia Bulgaria One Love Please help us with the lyrics if you can? Playlist
6759 CSKA Sofia Bulgaria La, La, La, La... Another chant dedicated to Levski Sofia. Sorry about the quality on this one - if you have a better version please submit it and mention the name of this chant and that it's a replacement! Playlist
7490 CSKA Sofia Bulgaria Ako Levski Beshe Jiv Sega Thanks For the Lyrics Playlist
7939 Levski Sofia Bulgaria When The Darkness Comes Over Sofia Great sounding song (Kogato Nad Sofia Mrakne) Playlist
8337 Bulgaria National Team Bulgaria Bulgarian Heroes One of the classic chants Playlist
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